Melinda Roland

MA, PT, LAc, OMD, Dipl-Ac, CST-D

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture and electroacupuncture therapy have been utilized to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, and have proven particularly effective at treating anatomically localized neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) injuries caused by repetitive stress or trauma. The anatomical NMS injuries that are most typically treated by acupuncture and electroacupuncture are due to trauma, sports injuries, auto accidents, and work-related repetitive stress injuries of the tendon, ligament, and bursa, and injuries in and around joint areas and the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, etc) surrounding the spine. Acupuncture and electroacupuncture are also commonly used to treat chronic or post-operative pain, headaches, nausea, menstrual-related pain, and other conditions that may be anatomically, neurologically, or physiologically based.



Acupuncture is commonly used in chronic conditions because of effectiveness in pain management and limited treatment options. However, it should be noted that acupuncture and electroacupuncture can lead to complete recovery in many NMS conditions when it is offered in the acute and sub-acute stages of injury. This is  particularly effective when used in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions such as soft tissue manipulation, strengthening and mobility exercises.

The effects of acupuncture are generally cumulative; acupuncture initiates physiologic tissue restoration and regenerative mechanisms. Frequency and duration of treatment are based on several factors including severity of condition, chronicity (duration of condition), previous episodes, pre-existing conditions, and other complicating factors.

Dr. Melinda Roland utilizes the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with myriad other techniques as indicated. Acupuncture not only provides "an extra set of hands", but when applied to CST , contributes to a profound treatment experience and optimal results.  

Dr. Roland developed the course Applying Acupuncture Principles to CranioSacral Therapy in 1987,  vetted and approved by Dr. John Upledger, the developer of CST.   The subject of her doctoral thesis was the application of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to Craniosacral Therapy.  The late Dr. John Upledger was her thesis advisor.