Melinda Roland

MA, PT, LAc, OMD, Dipl-Ac, CST-D



Melinda Roland and The Institute of Integral Therapies (ITT) utilizes a multi-dimensional approach to slowing and reversing the aging process, with visible transformation of skin and structure.

                 1. Structural and Emotional Balancing
                 2. Energetic Renewal
                 3. Nutrition and Supplementation
                 4. Patented Skin Care and Technology


1. Structural and Emotional Balancing

2. Energetic Renewal

3. Nutrition and Supplementation

Although a healthy diet alone provides good nutrition, with the stresses of today’s living it is seldom sufficient to support optimal health and vitality. We suggest nutritionals proven to boost the body’s level of age-fighting anti-oxidants.

Weight management and fat loss is guaranteed with the only genetically targeted products on the market. The TR90 system combines a sound eating program. moderate exercise, and patented natural supplements proven to change the genetic expression of appetite control,  stabilize blood sugar and increase metabolism. It is stimulant free and carries a 100% guarantee on inches lost! 

Use these links to access proven, state of the art research based, pharmaceutical grade products . They are nutritionals proven to boost the body’s levels of age-fighting anti-oxidants while supplying a baseline of necessary vitamins and minerals. Nano technology insures absorption and utilization. 
Youth, Life Pak Nano, Vitality, Reishimax, NanoCOQ10, Cortitrol, Eye Formula, Digestive enzymes, TR90, Cartilage Formula



Evergreen Traditional Chinese Medicine ,  Kan herbs

Apex Energetics
Pure Encapsulations

4. Cutting edge skin care products and technology that treat the genetic causes of aging

We recommend a multi-faceted approach:
Handheld safe and simple technology that visibly erases lines and wrinkles in minutes, the galvanic spa is an FDA approved medical device proven to increase the skins ability to absorb products by 75%. It greatly and visibly increases skins ability to hydrate, reduces pore size, increases circulation and lymph, helps reduce acne scars, age spots, acne.
Couple this with patented products that target the genetic sources of aging for unparalleled, non-surgical results internally and externally. These products and technologies were developed in partnership with scientists from Stanford University, Purdue University, and the prestigious genetic research company, LifeGen Technologies.

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