Melinda Roland

MA, PT, LAc, OMD, Dipl-Ac, CST-D

 Focal Energetics (R) is a multi-dimensional approach to healing that resolves issues at their source to facilitate deep personal change.  Using information gathered over 40 years of working with patients, FE assists individuals or groups  through perceived obstacles with ease, toward realizing their full potential, and illuminating the soul's path.

  Interruption in the continuity of our being can occur on many levels, with both fracturing and healing triggered by the body-mind's epigenetic response and the brain's neuroplasticity.  FE illuminates a multi-dimensional path to finding, understanding  and shifting the limitations we put in place in response to events in our life. 

Focal Energetics (R) is an excellent adjunct therapy to many approaches such as CST and SER,  yet can also stand alone, allowing those of myriad training backgrounds to include it in their therapeutic offerings.


Focal Energetics (R), An Introduction

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