Melinda Roland

MA, PT, LAc, OMD, Dipl-Ac, CST-D


Ricky Williams Concussion Program

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Integral Therapies Patients

"After a hard fall on my tailbone, I began experiencing unusual head symptoms.  Further unexplained, mysterious pain patterns starting surfacing in various parts of my body.  Conventional medicine and imaging yielded no answers and it was suggested that the incredible stress I was under at the time was the cause of my symptoms. Anxiety meds were recommended. After a full body evaluation, Melinda was convinced that my restrictions originated when I was very young, perhaps at birth.  After peeling back the layers of a very thick onion, her suspicions turned out to be dead on.  With each session, it was clear that Melinda respected the body and trusted it to give us the answers we needed to start on a path of healing.  For someone who is at the top of her profession, she understood her role in this healing process. She was guided by and honored my body's agenda, not her own.  She patiently followed as my body navigated  through all the layers it needed, always meeting a flare up or perceived symptom worsening as a sign that my body had more to say. Melinda is a very unique and gifted healer. I recommend her services to anyone who is going through health challenges whether caused by an accident, emotional trauma or simply unexplained. " - Jane W.



"My son Jet was born with Torticollis. I didn't learn that term until he was about 4 months old when I noticed that his head always seemed to tilt to one side. If I tried to gently push it the other way it wouldn't turn and seemed to bother him. I asked my pediatrician and he said "he'll grow out of it but you can try a pediatric chiropractor". I found one in San Diego and for weeks drove him about 45 min away 2-3 times a week. The sessions seemed to help but really didn't correct the problem. Finally after the 10th or 12th session Craniosacral therapy was suggested. I had never heard the term and had no idea what to expect. I found Melinda Roland by the grace of God and within just a few sessions the torticollis was gone! I could see immediate results in just the first session. As a first time mom I was so thankful and grateful to finally find someone who truly understood Jet's issues. Her sessions also stopped his "acid reflux", a significant problem the doctor also said would eventually go away and no medication seemed to help. In addition, he was able to breast feed significantly better after the very first session. I truly feel Melinda is a miracle worker. I have passed her name on to at least 20 other moms (some I don't even know but stop in stores when I see their kids need help) and every single one calls me thanking me saying that she was also able to work miracles with their children. I am forever grateful to her. Jet is now 3 years old and just perfect." - C. Kyle

"For the past several years, Dr. Roland's name kept coming up as one of the most advanced and effective Craniosacral and SomatoEmotional Release Therapists not only in the San Diego area but in the entire United States...
I realized how fortunate I was to have such an amazing resource in my own backyard. I began seeing Dr. Roland in June 2009 for personal health reasons. She has helped me tremendously. I knew after my first session I would greatly benefit not only personally but also professionally from each session. My own health has improved dramatically as a result of Dr. Roland's ability to hone in on exactly what needs the most attention at not only the physical level but the emotional and spiritual levels too. She is extremely skilled at creating an unconditional, loving, therapeutic environment which makes me feel safe and comfortable in her presence and has rapidly facilitated my healing".
  - Tammy Nickel, MPT 


"Melinda Roland's gift is in her ability to read between the lines, the spaces between the molecules within the body - her healing facilitation is done in a highly specific way, yet does not have a predetermined agenda for the patient...she honors the integrity of the cellular intelligence of the body. And she does this with a grace and ease that is astounding at times - would love to know how she does it!"
 - Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST-D, author of Full Body Presence and developer of Healing From the Core curriculum.


Having Melinda in my life has been a blessing. I was referred to her from a Physical Therapist who was helping me with chronic TMJ and pain. After meeting Melinda and having her do a full case history, she helped me identify that a severe childhood head injury was probably the starting point of my life long experience with jaw and neck pain. 

 When I first met Melinda, my current dentist was suggesting a long process of retainers combined with sanding down my teeth to try and eliminate the TMJ pain.  Prior to meeting Melinda, I had never been able to completely close my jaw. She offered to treat me to see if she could help alleviate any of the pain before I moved ahead with the dentist's suggestions. I am grateful to her because the cranial treatments on my head, jaw and mouth combined with her adjustments on my lower back relieved my chronic pain cycle. I did not need to go ahead with any of the recommended dental treatments. At this point, it has been almost three years that I have been out of chronic pain and I can completely close my jaw.  

What a miracle!

Jenny, mother of 3


"Dr. Melinda Roland is a phenomenal health practitioner. She is unique in that she is so well trained across many modalities. This extensive knowledge allows her approach to be truly integrative, taking the whole patient into consideration.  As her patient for 10 years, I cannot overstate how important she has been in helping me regain and maintain health and balance in my life." - M. A. D.

I have through the years of knowing Dr. Melinda Roland asked her to treat my 3 children. My middle son had a traumatic birth experience and struggled with delayed milestones and verbal apraxia. Melinda treated him starting at age 2 with immediate changes. Now at age 5 he is doing great and making amazing strides in his development and speech.  With my third child, I began treatments within a few weeks of his birth. Knowing what I know now, I have made it a priority that my baby have cranial treatments with Melinda as part of his well baby development.

Melinda has also been supportive with other health challenges in providing my family and me with recommendations on medical testing, herbs, and supplements as needed.

I am incredibly grateful to have Melinda in my life and to be witness to her healing abilities.

With gratitude,

Jenny, mom of three

"I was advised to visit Melinda due to the lingering effects of a concussion I got 5 years previously. While I remained able to work and do other activities during these years, it seemed as if there was a permanent "fog" in my brain. I couldn't think clearly and it required great effort. My memory also became shockingly bad. My coordination suffered also and I had bouts of dizziness that kept me lying down for several days at a time. 

My first session with Melinda removed the "fog". I couldn't believe it. After an extensive background talk we had together,  she applied gentle pressure to my skull and repaired a problem that was there since birth. This began the process of recovery for the concussion (which also required work with a neuro-optometrist due to damage in that area which Melinda also recognised and referred me to another great practitioner in that field, Dr. Carl Hillier). As the concussion healed, the shape of my face also began to change - it began to revert back to a normal symmetrical facial structure - I had Torticollis since birth and facial asymmetry is commonplace with this. This process is still ongoing and is very encouraging. 

A practitioner urged me, years ago, to visit a Cranio-Sacral specialist to "straighten-up" my face and help align my body, but I regarded it as pseudo-science - to me, the skull was something rigid that would not change. Now, I'm sorry that I didn't visit Melinda 10 or 20 years ago! It's been an absolute revelation. She is at the top of her game and a leader in the field.

Ken O, 

'Melinda's work is simply amazing. Her ability to locate the root of the problem, and dive in to correct the true cause of it, makes you quickly realize that you're not just being treated by someone who is good at their craft, but someone who has dedicated themselves to become a master at it. Having endured neck, back, hip, sacral and shoulder issues -- to name a few -- Melinda has tackled them all. Her uncanny ability to treat patients with a wide variety of ailments also speaks to her vast knowledge of the body, and knack for restoring balance when life happens.”  
Josh Z.